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Pet De-Stress is a powerful vibrational calming modality that helps humans and animals to feel calm and more relaxed. 

Pet De-Stress is a blend of one of the most soothing human voices with classical instrumentals.  This product also serves as a sonic recharger for both humans and animals.  Pet De-Stress is also one of the best gifts you can give your pet when they are at the end of their journey -- relaxing them in your love as they move to pet heaven.


Pet De-Stress includes only soothing and calming sounds.

As humans, when we get sad we feel down.  Our pets do have their ups and downtimes as well -- they just cannot communicate their state in words. Pet De-Stress is ideal music for cats and dogs, with affirmations to unfold calmness and relaxation.

Pet De-Stress has been used with both cats and dogs.  It has not been used with other pets.  If you have a dog or a cat as well as other pets, you may find that your other pets may also benefit from your purchase of Pet De-Stress.


You can use Pet De-Stress anytime.

When it comes to increasing calmness and relaxation, in general, there are more relaxing vibrations in the atmosphere at sunrise, just before noon, just after 5 pm, and at sundown.  As soon as you find that your pet is moody or sad, you should waste no time applying Pet De-Stress. Healing sound can change how we feel as well as our pets.


Pet De-Stress has been designed for both animals and humans using carefully selected affirmations and soothing classical music with strong magnetic vibration. 

The human voice carries the highest relaxing modality when a certain keynote is used.  However, the voice modality must be soothing with high vibrational words. Also, the etheric field of the person must be filled with positive energy.  We were careful, therefore, to give you this component by choosing the perfect soothing voice to unfold calmness. Because Pet De-Stress uses high vibrational sounds, as you lay with your pet;

  1. you may feel a  relaxing warmth penetrating your body

  2. you may feel sleepy

  3. you may feel as if a  weight is being lifted. 


The Pet De-Stress process is super simple:

  • Select a peaceful, clean, and relaxing environment.

  • Have one, two or three bowls of water in the space. You can also have plants and flowers in the room.  If you really want to go an extra mile, you could put three Angel plants around your pet more than five feet away.  Put the plant as close as possible, allowing the energy field of the plants to mix with your pet.

  • Wear soft colors to avoid black in the room or space.  Black is the absence of colors and the body also vibes with white or soft colors.

  • Get cozy with your pet.  If possible, lay down with your pet and allow the vibration from the audio to penetrate your pet's body.  You can use Pet De-Stress about one-to-two times per day or more, depending on the situation.  As the pet is listening to the calming sounds, s/he may begin to feel better sooner than expected. 

  • Wear white or soft colors as you lay with your pet.  White is the presence of all colors while black has no essence of colors.  Colors are important for calming effects so include the essences of all colors by wearing white, if possible.  You can also get a soft white bed for your pet or just cover your pet in white or soft colors.


Because Pet De-Stress utilizes special sounds, it is best to be in an enclosed area so that the sound and their vibrations will stay mainly in your space.  When you use Pet De-Stress in an open space, such as a park, the sound spreads out, the vibrations dissipate, and the experience may not be as effective.

In his book on Vibration, Dr. Gerber made it very clear that soothing sound is "golden."  The cat's purr -- as simple as it seems -- has been scientifically proven to have calming and relaxing effects. Pet De-Stress affirmations are simple to use and they are completely harmless. 



Never underestimate the morning sunlight. Second to that is the evening sun. Morning sun is of great value to both you and your pet.  Mid-day sunlight is not as effective. The sun carries many life forces and is full of vitamins and many health benefits. Try to find a comfortable place to relax in sunlight if possible while applying Pet De-Stress. You will see and feel the difference.

Morning sun is of great value for you, as well as your pet.



Water is simple, but it has powerful properties. Water carries a memory as proven in science and Biblical times.  As a pet owner, you love your pet, you want the best for your pet and the love within you will flow through your words as you bless or speak over your water with words of love.  As we speak, our words do affect water molecules.  This is the secret behind consecrating water.  Your intentions and your spoken words can "charge" the water with relaxing vibrations.  Use this charged water as a form of positive energy. Use the consecrated water to clean the space or mop the floors before you begin.  Your pet can drink this water.



Colors do carry very strong life forces and they can help you and your pet to feel calm. If you or your pet has a condition just see the corresponding color for that condition using a color chart.


Color therapy is now being recognized as a natural remedy but, in fact, this is not new.  Tap into the power of colors to help you and your pet feel calm. There are energy vitamins in colors.   Many times when you feel like wearing a particular color, there is usually a biological reason for it.  Match the color that you have an urge to wear with a healing color chart and compare it to the nutrients you are lacking.  Colors carry healing energy and are able to match different ailments.  Look up the matching color and find a way to use that color with your pet, whether in clothing, linen, pillows, etc. You can decorate with white and soft colors.  Colors are simple yet powerful.


The most powerful is usually the most simple. Sand often carries many healing properties due to the crystals in the sand.  If possible, take your pet to the beach and just lay in the sand. If that is not possible, you can just put sand in some bowls and put it in close proximity as you treat your pet.


Flowers do carry a strong life force helping both humans and pets to feel better.  You can use any type of flower.  Flowers also carry the vibration of love.  The most commonly used flowers in healing are lilies, roses, or orchids and dandelions.  Just keep the flowers in the healing space as you work on your pet.


You can also surround your pets with plants. The Angel plant is super strong in life forces. This plant carries powerful healing energy. You can buy about three and put them around your pet as much as three feet away. Keep electrical appliances away from your pet as you work together.



Pets are not much different from humans. They need sleep and quiet to heal.  Animals, especially dogs and cats, can feel your attitude.  They can detect moods.  Personally, I believe cats can read your thoughts.  Do keep the vibe really gentle, loving and sweet especially when your pet is not feeling well.


Please DO NOT listen to the calming music or relaxation music feature on this website for yourself or your pet while driving, operating heavy machinery, or in any situation where your full attention and alertness is required. This music is very calming and relaxing and can make you fall asleep. No warranty or liability will be accepted by the owners of this website or the composers contained within.


The creators of Pet De-Stress are not veterinarians, physicians, or scientists and it is not intended as a replacement for medical treatment. There are no medical claims intended.

The creators of Pet De-Stress are not veterinarians, physicians or scientists and it is not intended as a replacement for medical treatment. There are no medical claims intended.


For relaxation purposes, please be aware that some vital tracks and keynotes are repeated to produce deeper sonic rebooting for you and your pet.


In Loving Memory of Sheba

(2010 - 2020)

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